Why does Floyd Healthcare Foundation exist?

A fund-raising expert once said that philanthropy is the difference between a good hospital and a great hospital. Floyd Healthcare Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization that raises support through a volunteer board that works in the community to build relationships and raise funds that are used to improve the health of our community and ensure that the mission of Floyd Medical Center is carried out.

There is a commonly-held assumption that Floyd Medical Center receives federal, state and local tax money to provide excellent medical services, but this is not the case. Each year Floyd provides millions of dollars of free care to individuals who either cannot afford to pay or to patients covered by government programs that do not pay the full cost of care. As a result, funds for expansions, new equipment or community programs would not be available without help from generous donors.

Quality health care saves lives, but it also is expensive. There is an ever-continuing need for state-of-the-art technology, new facilities and more staff with specialized training. It takes an entire community to provide the kind of quality medical services that Floyd provides, and much of that would not be possible without our generous donors.